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The central focus in private training is to build you a foundation for you to grow from, that way you do not need as much critique for any future classes, we can work more into speed in the future.

Private Training dates with Ian Trettel - Owner/operator ITTMX

WHEN: January 26 BEGINS 10:00AM // WHERE: TBA

Here’s your chance to hang out with IT and train one-on-one. Listen close to our personal approach concerning how to become a great rider both physically and mentally.

Select Training HRs that you desire*

(2) HR Training Session $200.00 // (3) HR Training Session $275.00 // (5) HR Training On/Off track $500.00

Class size (5) Riders Max.

–Our training is catered to riders looking to increase their abilities on the bike by becoming a safer, smarter and stronger rider. Signup made simple — just tell us a little about your riding experience below and then prepare to train hard.

Semi-Private $175 Per Rider

Private 2 HR Fee $200:
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