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Over 10,000 hours invested into our craft

•Signed with Rockstar Suzuki racing in 2010.

Finished inside the top 10 at his pro outdoor national debut at Southwick, MA and 5th in his Pro SX debut in Houston, TX.

Suffered a head injury in his second timed practice at the Daytona SX ending his career short on March 5th, 2011.

• Ian Trettel's mission is to provide you with practical advice on Technique, Safety, Mental performance, and innovative Training processes.

You'll find cutting-edge advice that encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to your foundation, your goals, and your strength's

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Training Info

• Technique •Psychology • Motivational speaking •Safetey


100% agree...Absolutely the best coach out there!
— completeracingsolutions
Fantastic afternoon with ITMX training. I am an older beginning rider wanting to work on skills/ techniques to ride properly and safely. Ian honed right in on a few areas where I needed the most work, and before the session was over, I was riding with more control and confidence. It was money well invested! Looking forward to the next session!
— DB
Ian is patient and knows how to pass on his knowledge to his students, while emphasizing safety. He does a great job teaching his students to build speed and confidence. I am looking forward to working with him in the future
— MH
Ian has a love and a passion for helping Riders with technique, posture, and overall success on their dirt bikes. He has a great training technique that has helped my son improve his skills. I encourage anyone who is looking to improve to give Ian an opportunity to share his wisdom and experience in Motocross.
— CS
My son has had only two lessons with Ian and the difference in his riding is mind-blowing. Ian’s knowledge and patience with the riders gives them confidence, strong technique, and emphasis on safety. We could not be more pleased with the results!
— BL
Very personal and transparent for both rider and parent. Spends time with each rider and parent to emphasize the importance of what he is trying to accomplish and help the rider reach his maximum potential within each exercise or drill. We felt he kept the riders in a positive state of mind and above all we had a Great time along with the riders and other families.
— SG
Awesome. Ian’s dedication to this sport is admirable to say the least. His attention to my Son’s and the other riders skill level was outstanding. We left the training with a whole new level of confidence. Thanks!
— FP
Had a great first training experience with Ian last night at Dade City Mx. Ian worked with my 7 y/o son Lucas, and all Lucas could say to me after the night was how much better the bike felt to him after Ian helped Lucas with a few fundamental techniques - grip and position on the pegs. For some reason I wasn’t able to get through to Lucas, but Ian has the knack and he and Lucas ‘clicked’ straight away. Lucas and I are looking forward to the next training session!
— JS