The starting line

How important are starts to your program? Id argue starts are the single most important tool in Moto, the starting line is the only place you can either pass or get passed by 20+ riders in one corner. You can literally only be good at starts and still finish almost always up front. There have been several riders in history that did not have either the endurance or speed as most but continually finished top 10 in the pro class due to consistent fluent starts. You should be doing starts every day, a sample of a program I’d recommend goes something like this, anytime you begin a moto or sprint lap I would always start it with a start no matter what! This just gets you used to developing a pre-race routine which will carry over into your races, your goal should be to do 5 “perfect” starts when you mess up or make a mistake start back to one and keep going till you get to 5. You can even try closing your eyes and visualizing perfect starts, (This worked for me) clutch release and traction play the biggest part in determining your start but a lot of it is also mental , which is why I like the visual technique so much. I urge you to try some of the techniques mentioned above you will definitely notice a difference.