How to prepare for all track conditions

How to prepare for all track conditions

I’ve been asked a few times where I would recommend training, and to be honest I really don’t think this does matter all that much. Especially if you’re a rider just starting his or her career, “just ride”.  You hear a lot of people say you need to be at one of these “facilities”, sure yeah there may be a time for that, but odds are if you’re reading this you aren’t ready for that step in your career yet. I used to practice by myself at Hard rock’s sand track in Ocala, FL every day just because I truly believed if I could ride those conditions It would make most other tracks I would show up at feel “easy” which was mostly accurate, and I was racing Anderson, Bagget, and Tomac. I must say though just because this worked for me does not mean it works for everyone, but the psychology of this is definitely true. I think most riders would now agree Florida is where to be as rider, vs. the west coast given the intense heat and permitting weather to ride year around. (You see all the riders migrating and purchasing property in FL) I’m a big fan of riding “lower grade” tracks just because of the mindset it will give you. For example if you rode a dry track every day the summer before Loretta’s. When you go out first moto and the track is tacky even rough as well you’re going to feel like you’re riding Velcro, and if the track is just “bad”, well you’ve been practicing on those conditions already so you’re prepared. The confidence alone from practicing this way I think is more beneficial than the actual practice itself in my opinion. If you are looking for a facility to go all in at some tracks that offer most of what you need i've listed below


 Is an incredible facility they just recently held the 2017 MXGP of USA which is why I chose to hold our 2017 ITMX Fall camp here also

  • Hard rock cycle park – I owe credit to this place for crafting my style and training regiment

  • Waldo motorsports - I grew up spending my winters at Waldo to hit the winter-am series

  • Ball Creek MX - I just met the owners of this track recently and they put in so much work to keep the place top notch, you will not be disappointed!