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I had my first training session with Ian and I have already scheduled another session . Ian’s approach to instruction is top notch. His attention to detail ,his patience and his ability to communicate what needs to be done is exceptional . In one session he has helped me be a smoother, faster and safer rider . Ian challenged me during our session to do a set of doubles that I didn’t think I was ready to do . I thank him for this , He has given me confidence in my riding and my ability that I really needed. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who wants to improve as a motocross rider .
— Kenny Phoenix
Thank you Ian and the entire ITMX team! You all did an exceptional job! Top level training to challenge the riders both physically and mentally while becoming a smarter safer rider. The kids all deserve a big pat on the back because they all worked their tails off, listened and never complained. Great reflection on all the great supportive parents! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next race and training session.
— Aaron Thomas

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Most of what ITMX is doing is mental training rather than just focusing on speed and speed alone. When you really dive into the concept of self-confidence, tuning the thought process and explaining how a dirt bike actually works your true potential suddenly shows and that’s what separates us from everyone else.



Do you ride for fun on weekends, or just whenever you have free time? Well ITMX is for you. We have designed processes to improve riders who do not ride & race regularly while having fun. We work to build a solid foundation of technique and safety, which will give you the tools to progress on your own from then on.




Our goal in these camps are to create a fun learning experience for everyone involved, we aim to focus on safety and physiological skills involved in moto. Our goal is for each rider to leave safe and with knowledge. 
Bottom line- We Have FUN!