Kenny Phoenix

I had my first training session with Ian and I have already scheduled another session . Ian's approach to instruction is top notch. His attention to detail ,his patience and his ability to communicate what needs to be done is exceptional . In one session he has helped me be a smoother, faster and safer rider . Ian challenged me during our session to do a set of doubles that I didn't think I was ready to do . I thank him for this , He has given me confidence in my riding and my ability that I really needed. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who wants to improve as a motocross rider .

Sean Goins

Very personal and transparent for both rider and parent. Spends time with each rider and parent to emphasize the importance of what he is trying to accomplish and help the rider reach his maximum potential within each exercise or drill. We felt he kept the riders in a positive state of mind and above all we had a Great time along with the riders and other families.

Aaron Thomas

Thank you Ian and the entire ITMX team! You all did an exceptional job! Top level training to challenge the riders both physically and mentally while becoming a smarter safer rider. The kids all deserve a big pat on the back because they all worked their tails off, listened and never complained. Great reflection on all the great supportive parents! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next race and training session.

David Bunn

Fantastic afternoon with ITMX training. I am an older beginning rider wanting to work on skills/ techniques to ride properly and safely. Ian honed right in on a few areas where I needed the most work, and before the session was over, I was riding with more control and confidence. It was money well invested! Looking forward to the next session!

Jeff Streznetcky

Had a great first training experience with Ian last night at Dade City Mx. Ian worked with my 7 y/o son Lucas, and all Lucas could say to me after the night was how much better the bike felt to him after Ian helped Lucas with a few fundamental techniques - grip and position on the pegs. For some reason I wasn't able to get through to Lucas, but Ian has the knack and he and Lucas 'clicked' straight away. Lucas and I are looking forward to the next training session!

Shawn Stevens

Ian is has worked with my son that has been riding for less than year! The improvement he has shown has blown people away. I tell them he has only been riding since march! He threw down his first wip yesterday and looks like he has been riding for years! Incredible knowledge has come from Ian and it is showing big time on the track.

Jackie Johnson

We spent the day with Ian working with Bryson. We are new to motocross and wanted Bryson to learn proper technique to make him a better safer rider. Ian provided first class instruction and we could see a difference in his riding with just one session. We hope to do it again soon and highly recommend Ian. He is great with kids and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Jonathan Barker

Ian has been working with my 6 year old son for about a month now. He has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience that shows through in his training techniques. He has an excellent ability to get his important points across, even to a six year old. My son has improved quite a bit in just a month. He is much more confident in his riding, and most importantly, he is having a lot of fun.

Craig Hall

Had a wonderful day with Ian yesterday, as he spent time with my son . Ian explained things that put confidence & speed into my son's riding that he was lacking. We plan to do another day again soon. Thanks to Ball creek for hosting ITMX camp. First class people!

Chris Lambeth

Austin Lambeth Love's the ITMX training classes, after every class he leaves with the tools and confidence to become a better rider. I am very proud of how far he has come, riding so much better. Again just want to thank Ian Trettel ,ball Creek, Nathan and everybody that makes this happen. Can't wait to see you next month!!!

Chris Stiers

We are so grateful to have the steady and dedicated hand of Ian teaching chalice the next level of techniques on his dirt bike. We highly recommend him for personal training. Ian has a love and a passion for helping Riders with technique, posture, and overall success on their dirt bikes. He has a great training technique that has helped my son improve his skills. I encourage anyone who is looking to improve to give Ian an opportunity to share his wisdom and experience in Motocross.

Chalice covy.png