Training Info & Options

This is really just a game of brain chemistry. Most of what ITMX is doing is mental training rather than just focusing on speed and speed alone. When you really dive into the concept of self-confidence, tuning the thought process and explaining how a dirt bike actually works your true potential suddenly shows and that’s what separates us from everyone else.
ITMX 3-step training process

ITMX 3-step training process


  •  Small Group Lessons (6-10 Students) 2- ½ hour session -  these classes are more affordable and although you may get less 1on1 time with a coach the basics are still covered; We do mostly essentials training.
  •   Semi- Private Lessons (2-6 Students) 3- hour session – these classes are usually pretty small and great for touch up work after you’ve already had a private lesson.
  • Private Lessons (1 Student) 3-hour session  –the main focus in private training is to build you a foundation for you to build off of, that way you do not need as much critique for any future classes, we can work more into speed in the future. 
  •  Camps (10-20 riders) 4-6hr session – We try to hold at least one camp a month; the camps will just be more of an event type learning experience compared to other training options. we get sponsors involved with the camps so there's items that we pass out, we also usually have fresh drills and games prepared for the camps which make it a really fun experience not just for the rider but for the family and friends as well.


  • Open practice training (2-10 riders) 2 ½ hour session - Open practice training, although a bit lighter, offers an opportunity to train several riders at a time and offers a more affordable training option while still improving your riding there on the spot. Open practice training is also a great chance for anyone thinking about trying one of our Semi-private, Private, or Group classes (where we have the track to ourselves).You will get a sense of what we have to offer in our more individualized setting. The training will be light, and focused on the basic fundamentals of technique and throttle control as well as other various skills.


Rider levels explained

We split our classes up by two groups we will list below if you are confused to as which level rider you are this should help clarify any confusion you have.

·         Beginner- We consider anyone with (Less than  3 years of riding experience a Beginner rider), meaning you don’t ride/race  regularly yet and are looking to improve your technique and become a safer rider (you mainly ride for fun) We recommend our camps for beginner riders as you will get a full understanding of technique, we see beginners really reach new levels fast in our 2-day camps, (they seem to benefit most)

All bike sizes welcome here



·         Intermediate/A- we recommend any rider with  more than 3 years of riding experience to sign up for the Intermediate A (3+ years of experience) class. If you race & practice regularly. and looking to fine tune your speed, we consider you an   (Intermediate A) rider  if you belong in this group we recommend semi-private,private, or group lessons for you. as they are geared more torwards speed and intesity.

It should be noted this group of riders is for 65cc+ bikes only 


Training info


•   Rider Technique

•   Mental prep

•   Race day prep

•   Starts

•   Line choice

Motivational speaking