Slow down to go faster

Creating traction

Sounds kind of crazy right? But when it comes to creating your own traction throttle control is imperative. It is something I learned from Ryan Dungey my first year riding in California on dry test tracks preparing for the 2011 SX season. It is all about slowing down to go faster. I’m confident we have mastered teaching this technique in our schools. We break down multi-level steps on creating and controlling traction. So many riders are too worried about how “pinned/fast” they are, when soon as i slow them down a bit all the sudden they are going 1-2 sec faster per lap with half the effort while riding much smoother. I encourage everyone looking to step up their riding to work more on the “flow” than speed it is the rider who slows down the least that is the fastest on the track and sometimes that means slowing down to go faster. It’s all about Throttle control over speed!