How often should I ride?

It’s interesting to hear different opinions regarding this topic, and I believe the truth is no one really has a totally “correct” answer when asked “how often/much should I ride” the real answer is what works for you, and the only way to figure that one out is by “doing”. Here is how I did it. When I first moved up to the A class, I chose a winter series that raced 5-6 weekends consistently and tested my program out. What I was surprised to learn was my balance of riding and rest. I’ve even heard some say Jeremy Martin only rides 2 days per week. I think Time on the bike should be spent specifically on sharpening your technique and mental strength, the question is do you really need to ride 7 days a week to do that? Why not do as much physical training off the bike, gym, cycling, running, etc... So if you happen to live somewhere you cannot ride in the winter seasons, take that time to write down your goals, visualize them, and work on your mental training. Your goal should be to ride 3+ days a week with one of those days being speed work. The rest should be something like the 80% when I say “sharpening your technique and mental strength” I’m talking about starts, drills, and practicing your breathing. These things get overlooked so much and can have the biggest impact on your riding. This “racing the watch every day” isn’t as beneficial in the long term in my opinion.